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Dunaliella Salina

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Dunaliella Salina Certified Organic, Red Marine Phytoplankton


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Place of Origin: Australia

Brand Name: DunaliellaGold

Dosage Form: Powder,Capsules

Certified Organic: 100% whole dried Dunaliella Salina


100% certified organic Australian grown whole dried Dunaliella salina. Raw material and capsules for private labeling available.

Australian Marine Phytoplankton is a nutrient-dense edible soft wall marine microalgae (phyoplankton) that supports good health. Made from 100% pure whole dried premium grade Dunaliella salina. is a potent source of natural mixed carotenoids and important daily nutrients. Dunaliella salina is nature's richest source of natural beta-carotene, each gram contains around10-20mg of beta-carotene, plus other carotenoids and nutrients.Research shows that natural dietary beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that effectively reduces the risk of many chronic diseases.

Australian Marine :Phytoplankton is organically grown in Australia and is available as:

- Powdered form in bulk for use in cosmetics and beauty products, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and functional food products.

- Patent pending nutraceutical consisting of concentrated stabilised whole dried Dunaliella salina cells in oral dosage