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AlgeaFood products contain active ingredients that are ideal for your well-being.
In fact they are natural phytocomplexes of fucoidan, alginate, iodine, vitamins and minerals useful in functional foods and food supplements.


Benefits of a natural diet

The AlgeaFood range offers eating solutions using Norwegian seaweed with many beneficial properties. Our phytocomplexes are ideal ingredients for food supplements that come in capsules, pills and tablets as well as for functional foods or alternative to kitchen salt. Naturally rich in iodine, alginates, fucoidans, mannitol and polypheenols can significantly help to achieve better health and well-being.
The main properties associated with use of AlgeaFood ingredients are:

Energy boost

It has been shown that lack of iodine is directly linked with thyroid disorders, such as hypothyroidism and goitre. In addition, the human body is highly inefficient at processing iodine, given that over 90% of its intake through food is found in urine and, in case of physical exercise, lost in sweat. The intake of this ingredient is fundamental for those who practice sport because it regulates the thyroid's production of hormones, helps the growth of skeletal muscles, stabilises heat regulation and optimises the energy expenditure, affecting the entire metabolism.

Memory training

AlgeaFood ingredients also benefit from fucoidans, which are polysaccharides found in the cellular lining of the seaweed. They contain an essential sugar called fucose that has a neuro-protective function and helps support normal cognitive function.


 Weight management

As a great source of potassium, calcium, iron and manganese, AlgeaFood phytocomplexes can improve metabolism of fats and weight control when appropriately associated with exercise and a balanced diet. In addition, fibres (alginate) can give a feeling of fullness.

Less sodium more well-being

Table salt is the flavour enhancer par excellence and is widely used in the food industry; however, sodium can have negative effects to the cardiovascular system. Partially replacing salt with AlgeaFood allows you to reduce the intake of sodium while enjoying great flavour.