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VitaFiber™, is a patented, GRAS-affirmed prebiotic fiber for foods, bars, and beverages. It is supported by a double blind study to support the benefits of the prebiotic activity. VitaFiber is formulated using a patented process based on enzymatic conversion of starch (tapioca, or corn) molecules without any chemical modification or chemical solvents. The end result is Isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO). Unlike many other prebiotic fibers i.e., inulin, there is a very high bowel tolerance level, 30 grams per day without the side effects of gas, bloating, or cramping. This unique functional-food ingredient offers many advantages: Low calorie, prebiotic, promotes ‘friendly’ intestinal bacteria,(supported by double blind placebo controlled study), low glycemic, stable at 320 degrees, pH stable for acidic beverages (pH 2), 60% as sweet as sucrose, yet does not contribute to dental carries. Available in both powder and syrup.